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An intro to macros in rust

路 17 min read

Rust has an excellent support for macros. Macros are a way of writing code that writes other code, which is known as metaprogramming. Macros provide functionality similar to functions, without the runtime cost associated with functions. Since macros are expanded during the compile time so some compile-time costs are associated with macros. Macros in rust are very different from the ones used in C. Rust macros are applied to the token tree whereas C macros are text substitution.

All in one guide for creating a killer API with Strapi

路 12 min read

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CMS has been around for quite some time. CMS refers to the content management system. Strapi is a headless CMS for Node.js. Strapi provides GUI for creating different content types and user management baked in the platform. Strapi supports both Restful API and GraphQL. Strapi supports both NoSQL and SQL databases. Changing the database is as simple as changing environment variables.